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Must-See Campaign Ad From Black Conservative Woman in Baltimore!

A black conservative woman by the name of Kim Klacik is running for Congress in the Baltimore area of Maryland and she created an excellent campaign ad video to prove her case. The video is near-viral at this point and has been shared by national media online.

Klacik is running as a Republican for the 7th Congressional District which was held by the long-time Democratic Party incumbent Elijah Cummings until he died in late 2019. There was a special election earlier this year to fill Cummings’ seat. The former director of the NAACP, Kwesi Mfume (D), defeated Kim Klacik in that race. In the November general election, the seat is up for grabs again and Klacik has not given up, not by a longshot.

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Power to the People

The video features Klacik walking in blighted Baltimore areas and speaking to regular people on the street about issues such as defunding police. One man said that several of his sons died in Baltimore streets and that taking away police would simply make the problem worse. Another man said that the police are necessary to protect the community.


Klacik has gained popularity online for going into Baltimore City and highlighting issues that go totally ignored and/or neglected by current leadership. Illegal dumping runs rampant in blighted areas which leads to rodent infestations and other general quality-of-life problems. Klacik ruffles a few feathers by her methods of actually… talking to people that live in forgotten areas because they aren’t forgotten about anymore. It’s easy to hide something if nobody knows where to find it.

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Climbing A Mountain

Challenging Kwesi Mfume in Baltimore, especially as a Republican, seems like an insurmountable task. In the special election, Mfume got nearly 75% of the vote, which is no surprise considering Democrat Elijah Cummings had been in office since 1996 and died in office. One thing that no one can take from Klacik is her effort. To carve out 25% of the vote as a relative newcomer in a predominantly black and Democratic area is a feat in itself. The next objective is to flip Baltimore and attempt to make a change in a long-forgotten about place.

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