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Democratic National Convention (DNC) Is OVER! Slow Joe Speaks!

Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is over and wrapped up with an acceptance speech from Joe Biden. Day 4 was also the last day of the entire convention and there won’t be any more political action similar in nature until the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week. The DNC was all virtual again with a mixture of live shots and pre-recorded messages.

Host Carousel

Julia Louis-Dreyfus known best for her role as “Elaine” on the hit TV show “Seinfeld” hosted the final day of the DNC. Her appearance was clearly part of a pattern to empower women, especially “women of color” who hosted the previous nights of the 2020 DNC. Louis-Dreyfus is apparently a comedian and shot a few dry jokes out into the atmosphere that landed with a thud.

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An especially cringe-worthy moment happened between Julia and Andrew Yang where they intentionally mispronounced Mike Pence’s name a few times. At one point, Julia referred to the Vice President as Mike “Poonce.” The term “poonce” refers to gay males in Australia. Interesting how homophobic slurs don’t count when a person is on the left and they’re attacking the right.

Highlight Flaws To Succeed

Senator Tammy Duckworth made an appearance to support Joe Biden. Her pre-recorded video featured a camera angle that began at her legs and worked is way up to her face. This was clearly done to show off the fact she lost both of her legs in Iraq to give her words more credibility.

A strange zoom conference-type video was shown that featured former Democratic Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang. The video was pretty awkward and cringe-worthy … probably because the DNC wanted to lighten the entire event up due to the general doom-and-gloom message of hopelessness and despair.

Strange Bedfellows

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Speaking of awkward and cringe-worthy moments, Andrew Yang and Julia Louis Dreyfus had a minute-long skit of sorts where they repeatedly mispronounced Mike Pence’s name. Comedy is one thing, but that skit was nothing other than “cringe.” At another point during the DNC, Julia referred to the Vice President as Mike “Poonce.” The word “poonce” is a slang term in Australia that refers to gay males. No word from CNN on the usage of homophobic slurs at the Democratic National Convention.

Tulsi Gabbard was notably absent from the DNC altogether and she released a statement on Twitter saying that no one contacted her to be part of the event. Probably because she is too friendly to the right while at the same time having far-leftist ideals.

Lifetime or Primetime?

Joe Biden’s son Hunter and daughter Ashley made a video appearance to support their father. Mainstream media refer to his adult offspring as his “surviving” children because his son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015 and his young daughter Naomi died in the same car crash the claimed the life of his wife in 1972. The phraseology from the media in reference to Biden’s children also serve the purpose of pulling on heartstrings, which was the general theme throughout the convention.

Biden’s Moment, Don’t Blow It

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Biden delivered his speech to cap off the night and it clocked in at just under 25 minutes. Expectations for the speech were as low as they could be for anyone. The bar for success was literally on the floor. Anyone could have gotten over it, and Biden did. There was no falling on the ground or extreme verbal and/or mental mishaps aside from a few here and there. Just because his speech was not done poorly does not mean he looked well or that it was a good speech.

The former Vice President spoke about general topics that have been discussed over and over again throughout the entirety of the DNC. Orange man bad, Democrats good, that type of thing. It’s not quite clear if Biden’s speech was live or prerecorded. Either way, he did enough of a good job to gain praise from the general left and some right-wing wafflers like Chris Wallace of Fox News.


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  1. Sorry ABL – my brother really likes you but you are really underplaying the effectiveness and passion that Biden spoke with last night. He is speaking to our better angels with concrete plans to rebuild the mess we’re in right now. Isn’t that what a convention supposed to do – lay out the case? I will also be watching the RNC and I will watch Trump’s acceptance speech. I am interested in what he has to say about how we can fix all that is wrong in our country right now.

  2. I am sorry Katherine Bus, but I strongly disagree.
    Instead of passion, I found parlor tricks and acting. They hit hard on heart strings, that is all, and they tried even harder to build up to it with emotional manipulation. This is what the dems been doing for years (or any left in other countries too). They give great “non content” speeches and play with words. Like “dangerous”, and “darkness”, and “light”… They said nothing about any concrete plans. What, you mean the part with “effective the first day I get elected”? Trump is already doing that. US leading in MILLIONS of tests, and equipment, and even working on vaccine solutions and therapeutics 5 times faster than any administration before.

    What he means to say is, I will simply let the same things go on, but the media will no longer brain wash you that nothing is happening, instead, they will overplay me doing nothing as we take credit for the great work Trump did before us and claim it as our own.

    The part he said about 5 million jobs was so funny too. They really trying to hit Trump at economy? The single thing every working person can agree on Trump over-performed in? With record low unemployments etc? Their policy was so bad, all they could come up with was “ummm, yeah yeah, we ummm, we will do what Trump is doing, but but, better! Build back, better! Ha!”…

    The only thing wrong with the US right now is democratic run cities that continue to have lockdowns even with the virus mortality rate being as low as under 2%, destroying the economy of said cities to dent the actual numbers (like New York), whilst their followers are allowed to riot in their cities and stack up in millions, try to erase history so no one is the wiser, continue to lie to their voters that they are in this situation because of bad orange man (even though its THEIR cities that have the problem), and hopefully with abysmal education and daily dose of msm brainwashing have their followers be blind enough to continue voting for them. Meanwhile, all this good yall, they aint riots. They are outright supporting this behaviour.

    What is Trump doing to fix what is wrong in your country right now? Take your pick. Even from the least important, like taking action against social media and taking away their protections by law that they have been taking advantage of for so long to continue to puppeteer and brainwash people by controlling the narrative and banning whoever says otherwise. Making record numbers in jobs, economy, record low unemployment for people of ALL colour, closing the country when the dems were whining he shouldn’t have done that, now they are whining he is not doing enough, whilst being in fact the country that does the most with regards to covid.

    And that is just the surface.

    What is wrong with the US right now is people still voting the democratic plantation in certain cities, which have gone from bad to worse and do nothing but eat the peoples money. What a mockery. Their cities are falling apart, are the worst cities in the US, whilst some are also in quite rich states, and then blame those that had nothing to do with it.

    His whole speech and the whole DNC was a mockery. They are treating people with such little respect for years, I expected no less from this 4 day fiasco. They only solidified the truth to what they stand for, and people are waking up and not drinking from the same trough again.

  3. It saddens, sickens & scares me that a do-nothing career rich politician like Joe Biden is even this close to being the President.i’m not a huge fan of Trump, but he clearly loves the country AND it’s people. And he doesn’t come from a career in politics.
    The guy is clearly a bigoted elitist and his infamous “inappropriate touching” of women and little girls is beyond creepy and should be looked at as a symptom of more potentially serious offenses.
    And then there’s his incoming senility. How is this guy in a 2 man race for President? We really need term limits in Congress. Biden has been promoted above his abilities a long time ago. I just hope we all don’t suffer for it. The Dems will absolutely be cheating at the ballot box on Election Day – just like they do every election. We better start prosecuting those who devise it, plan it, and payroll it. Not just the ones caught “stuffing ballots” or manipulating electronic votes.


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