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Portland BLM Go To RESIDENTIAL Area With Hundreds Of People!

A large amount of Portland, Oregon Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters descended upon a residential area at night. They made a tremendous amount of noise with drums and chants of “wake up motherf***er, wake up!” The chants and noise were caught on cell phone video and uploaded to Twitter where it is now viral. It’s not quite clear how long the commotion happened before and after the tape began rolling.

Silence Is Not Violence

Not much is known about the exact number of people at the so-called “protest” (really a mob of dangerous people) but there must have been over one hundred just from eyeballing the video. The “protest” is reminiscent of the situation that happened in St. Louis, Missouri with the McCloskeys when their private neighborhood was invaded by a large horde of Black Lives Matter “protesters.” The married couple presented themselves to the “protesters” while armed and are now facing criminal charges.

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The situation that happened in St. Louis with the McCloskeys is happening in several major cities in the United States. The problem is at least two-fold. Local leadership is the first issue. Mayor, City Council, prosecutors, judges, and police must work together to squash criminal action from subversive groups like BLM and ANTIFA. If the police want to help but all other areas of leadership work against them, then police work is rendered useless in many ways.

Horrendous Leadership

Chicago leadership could signal for the Federal Government to send boots on the ground to help get their city under control. As could Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, and other major cities currently facing a crime wave. But they refuse to do so. And on top of that, some of these cities have the nerve to “defund the police” by slashing budgets which lowers morale of police officers and forces others to resign or quit. What’s the result of all of this? Mobs of lawless people descending upon a residential area at night disturbing the peace and threatening innocent poeple.


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