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Trump Asked About QAnon And Gives The PERFECT Answer!

President Donald Trump was recently asked a question about the QAnon movement during a press conference and he gave the perfect response.  He says that he does not know much about the movement or anyone who follows it, but he does know that they like him and that’s a good thing. A reporter then asks about QAnon supporters who say that Trump is saving the world from a satanic cult of cannibals and pedophiles. Trump responds by saying that he hasn’t heard of that. But he goes on to ask a great question: “is that supposed to be a bad thing?”

No Stranger To Controversy

QAnon as a movement or following has been mired in controversy for a while now. Politicians mostly on the left along with a handful on the right say that the President should totally disavow the group of conspiracy theorists and “wackadoodles.” Interestingly enough, most of the criticism against Q comes from people who are already anti-Trump, as Q followers are generally also Trump supporters.

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Most of the QAnon movement exists online. They do, however, have in-person meetup events occasionally. They speak about things that they get from an online source that goes by “Q.” Some say that “Q” is Trump himself, others say that Q is an advisor close to the President. Either way, the group has a following of thousands if not millions of people across the United States and the world. They are generally not a harmful group although the FBI has placed them on a domestic terror watch list.

Facebook banned hundreds of QAnon groups and thousands of QAnon profiles in an effort to deter “violence” due to the FBI threat. The Daily Beast published a handful of stories featuring people who have engaged in violence or just simple criminal mischief that may have followed Q. Facebook says they will also down-rank Q-related content. And the question is, what is Q related content? Since most Q followers are also adamant Trump supporters, wouldn’t there likely be some crossover between the two that gets caught up in the proverbial crossfire?

Expose The True Purpose

All of this seems like a last-ditch effort to engage in election interference against the President. It is also classic divide-and-conquer. Making QAnon people go against regular normies. Making minority Trump supporters go against each other. Since the left cannot win an election, why not try to interfere with confusion and misdirection? This may not be a directive coming from Government, it could come from regular people.

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