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Democrats To Impeach Trump Yet Again, This Time Over The Capitol Riot

House Democrats will move to impeach President Donald Trump yet again, even if it happens after his time in office is over. Democrats are also attempting to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to oust the President from office, which is simply not going to happen. Democrats would like for impeachment to happen before the inauguration of Joe Biden but if it doesn’t then that could potentially still work in their favor.

If Democrats are successful in their impeachment efforts, before or after Biden’s inauguration, then they could keep Trump from running for President again. A successful impeachment also serves another purpose – it validates their consistent arguments from the moment Trump was elected in 2016. Donald Trump was always widely panned by his leftist critics as racist, incompetent, and most of all – dangerous.

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Successfully impeaching then convicting the President on grounds of inciting a riot at the Capitol would serve the Democratic party better than anything they’ve done since Clinton. The damage done to the country by convicting Trump during impeachment would be devastating. But since the Democratic party doesn’t seem to care about the condition of the country or her people, then collateral damage is of no concern to them. Democrats seem singularly focused on maintaining power and crushing their proverbial “enemies” from within.


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