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Chicago Migrant Shelters Confirm “Small” Tuberculosis Outbreak

Chicago officials have confirmed a “small” tuberculosis outbreak at city-run migrant shelters. This news comes just days after a measles outbreak at the same shelters. At least five people were transported to area hospitals due to tuberculosis, but the total number of infected or affected has not been revealed. Vaccination records are not required for migrants, and some city activists and elected officials are attempting to change that. Migrants from all over the world have inundated the Southern Border, and sometimes their identities are unknown, so asking for more detailed information, like vaccination records, may be useless or outright impossible.


‘Small number’ of tuberculosis infections detected at Chicago migrant shelters – NBC Chicago

‘Small number’ of TB cases at Chicago migrant shelters

Chicago Officials Confirm Tuberculosis Cases At Migrant Shelters

Tuberculosis breaks out at Chicago migrant shelters following measles cases | Fox News

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