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Does the Bubba Wallace NASCAR Noose Story Add Up?

The only black (biracial) NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace, was allegedly the victim of a racially motivated stunt. Depending upon results from the FBI’s investigation, this incident could register as a hate crime. The story is that someone placed a noose into his garage stall at the Talladega Speedway before the Geico 500 race. The noose was found by one of Wallace’s teammates, not Wallace himself. It was given to NASCAR and/or the FBI for further investigation.

Who Is Bubba Wallace?

Bubba Wallace is outspoken on race and the current protests happening across the nation. He drives (or at least, has driven) a car with #BLACKLIVESMATTER emblazoned on the side. He’s also worn a Black Lives Matter shirt to match the car. Just by looking at him, the impression would be that he is sponsored by Black Lives Matter. Wallace also spearheaded the effort to get Confederate flags removed from NASCAR speedways.

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As of 12 noon Tuesday, June 23rd, there are no suspects and no leads. That should change very soon because of all the cameras that are around garage stalls. These areas require tight security due to the expensive equipment inside and the cars themselves. If a person gains unauthorized entry into the garage stall, they can manipulate the car to malfunction on the track and make it look like human error. This could cost a driver their life.

Over-the-Top Reactions

Although there are no leads, no videotape from cameras that should be there, and no picture of the actual “noose” that was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall, there is no shortage on speculation as to what happened and why. Rumors are floating around that Wallace’s team actually found a serpetine belt. Which doesn’t make any sense. Then there’s rumors of the noose being retaliation against Wallace’s stance on racial issues. All conjecture, light on facts.

NASCAR themselves obviously wanted to jump out in front of this case to prevent any perception of racism on their part. So they put on a nice-sized production where they pushed Wallace’s car to the front in Talladega before the race. All of the drivers and pit crew were there. Wallace was crying. Richard Petty even came out to give him a hug.

It Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before

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Bubba’s case has obvious parallels to the case of Jussie Smollett. They are both biracial black and white men, they are both high-profile people, and they both are now outspoken on racial issues. Bubba Wallace moreso than Jussie, obviously. Jussie didn’t speak much about racial issues before his attempted hate crime hoax. Nonetheless, the parallels are clear and obvious.

Since the two cases are linked, then there will be comparisons. There will also be doubt cast into the minds of many because of how familiar this situation feels. Why get suckered into another phony racial attack again? Just to make another attention-seeker famous? It’s far too early to draw that conclusion, but that will be a common thought.

What Happens Now?

Hopefully this alleged incident turns out to be real. Because if it is not, then stories like this may never see the light of day again. At least not until a thorough investigation has concluded. Why would anyone believe a high-profile celebrity who says they are victim of a racial attack when there are so many false allegations from these very same people? All that can happen now is what should have happened from the beginning before the cringey stunt by NASCAR. Let’s wait for the facts.

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FBI investigating noose found in garage of black US racing driver – BBC News

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  1. Dear Mr. Logan,
    I enjoy your commentaries, I have been following your channel for approx. one year. You along with Officer Tatum and Candice Owens offer intelligent insight and dialouge concerning the many problems facing our country. I feel the vast majority of folks in this country are good honest people who feel invisible to the main stream media and most politicians. I have never responded to any outlets of any kind before but what you are doing is very much needed and appreciated.

  2. My God. This is already debunked. All the garages at Talledega have that so called noose hanging from each rollup door. There are all sorts of videos from the recent past in which you can see them clearly hanging from the left side of each garage door. They are there to pull down the door. The one in garage #5, assigned to Wallace, is shown as missing, and the missing bit is what they found in the garage. My god, they way the media, including this site tries to stir up hate.

  3. That whole embarrassing debacle looked staged….blubbering Bubba getting out of his car crying on the hood, Richard Petty being right there, the whole thing smells.
    I wouldn`t doubt if the plane with the sign saying “Defund NASCAR” wasn`t part of the set up either.

  4. Mr. Logan: another thoughtful insight into a story that is really “fishy”. Your analysis comparing Smollett and this Bubba guy is right on the money. NASCAR’s willingness to go along with this “hoax” shows how desperate they have become to satisfy the establishment; they will rue the day they let black lives matters take over the race track.

  5. I liked the article until I hit the, “Hopefully this alleged incident turns out to be real” sentence.

    That is the worst thing I can imagine hearing. I don’t hope that it isn’t true. But if it isn’t true, I do hope it gets blown wide open so people will knock off the race baiting and pathetically desperate hunt for racism. I do hope that, if it doesn’t turn out to be real, that someone suffers and suffers badly for their stupidity and malignant desire to create racial discord.

  6. It does make one wonder what really happened. There are no fans, so that means no one with pit passes slipped past security and did it. So who are the suspects? Either its Wallace or a Wallace crew member, another team or a NASCAR official who has security access to the garage. I’d like to see a picture of the supposed noose.

  7. “Hopefully this alleged incident turns out to be real. Because if it is not, then stories like this may never see the light of day again. At least not until a thorough investigation has concluded.”

    “At least not until a thorough investigation has concluded.”

    That is exactly how it is supposed to be done. We never used to have all of this fake BS in the news because people used to investigate and verify before they went spouting off.


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