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Shaun King Calls For The Removal Of White JESUS Statues!

The self-identifying “black social activist” Shaun King has called for the removal of all Jesus Christ statues depicting him as a white male. King says that the actual Jesus came from Egypt, not Norway, and should look more like an African person instead of a European person. King also stated that any stained glass paintings and murals with a “white” Jesus or Madonna should go as well. As absurd as his statements may appear, he actually has quite a bit of support on Twitter, his platform of choice.

King’s request should not come as a surprise to anyone. All of this is easily predictable. It started with the Confederate statues. Actually, it started with “peaceful protests” about police brutality that somehow morphed into an obsession with statue removal. Confederate monuments were the first targets, as always.

How Did We Get Here?

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Marxist/communist types said that the Confederates should not be honored with statues or monuments and that they would be violently torn down if not placed away in a museum. Most of the left and some on the right agreed to the latter option. Some even agreed to the outright destruction of Confederate monuments. The cooperation from average people on the Confederate issue is all they needed.

Far leftist extremists like Shaun King were given an inch on the Confederate issue, now they will take every mile from here to the Sun on every other issue.

At this point, every statue or monument or symbol in existence is on the table to be destroyed and erased forever. Statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Ghandi, have already been desecrated, destroyed or “moved.” Now, religiously important statues are on the chopping block. Including statues of Jesus Christ himself.

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  1. Christianity actually started in the Middle East, and spread in Africa before it became European centric. That said, Christians throughout history have portrayed Jesus,Mary, apostles etc as looking like whatever the artist looked like. In the Middle Ages, they used to portray King David in armor, in a castle! It’s all good. I think one of those things that made America Great was our ability to tolerate diverse views, to look at history, historical figures, statues, images objectively. We never worshiped an earthly king, so we never held images in sanctity. We could look at Robert E Lee and contemplate his role in history, and then look at Hans Christian Heg and contemplate his role in history. Now we can do neither. We are much poorer for it. Btw, Mr. Logan, if you have never read “Black is Beautiful” by Yuri Bezmenov ( I highly recommend it.


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