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Dr. Fauci Says Black People Should Trust Vaccine Because Black Woman Developed It

Dr. Anthony Fauci made an attempt to calm skepticism coming from the black community about taking the virus vaccine by saying that a black woman created it. Fauci made the comments during his conversation with two black men representing “Black Coalition Against COVID.” One of the men is Ambrose Lane Jr. and he founded the Health Alliance Network. The other man is Wayne Frederick, the President of Howard University.

With the rollout of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines underway, experts suggest that more than “65 percent” of the population receive the vaccination. But the vaccines — both over 90 percent effective — are getting pushback from blacks and Latinos who express strong reservations for getting the shot.

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One panelist on the live stream with Fauci cited the mistrust of the medical community — from slavery and Jim Crow, to the infamous and highly controversial Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a study that concluded in 1972 which resulted in the death of the majority of test subjects and the birth of 19 children with congenital syphilis.

But the fact that an African American woman developed the vaccine doesn’t say much to reassure trust. Dr. Fauci mentioning this is a new low. This was his weakest pitch since the doctor’s first pitch of the 2020 MLB season.

The public is questioning the turnaround speed of this vaccine’s production, as well as articles surfacing about adverse effects and concerns for those with allergies and who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Additional pressure from the medical community hasn’t helped reassure our concerns. Plus, will people still need to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing if they take the vaccine? For now there are many unanswered questions that need definitive answers.

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Ultimately, the race of the developers of this vaccine is irrelevant. That said, the public deserves a better reason than the fact that a black woman was in charge. All the people care about is whether this vaccine is effective AND safe, period.


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