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YouTube to Remove Content Featuring Claims of Election Fraud

As if online users couldn’t get enough censorship, now YouTube content that runs counter to the “president-elect Joe Biden” narrative is going straight to the Internet Gulag.

Many users across social media platforms were already fed up with the fact checking and the “stickers” that seemed to force people to submit to the questionable results of the 2020 election — even on posts not related to the election. Now, YouTube is upping the ante, announcing it will slam down voter fraud topics that are deemed “misleading.”

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Not only will the giant video platform censor said content, it will redirect users to “authoritative information,” or in other words, the mainstream media.

Many people rely on YouTube for independent content. That was the very appeal that made the planform the biggest anywhere on the web. No one comes to the platform to only go back to the cable they want cut. Mainstream news platforms like ABC and CBS don’t offer the engagement and personal interaction that independent channels offer. People want relatable, organic content about the things that matter to them.

Once upon a time, the public could choose where they could watch the news and decide for themselves which sources were most credible. Now, Big Tech will do it for you, because you aren’t responsible enough to figure the truth out for your own.

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Following suit with Facebook and Twitter, YouTube must not want its Section 230 protections either. Users are confused as to whether the platforms are actually publishers, calling to question whether these liability protections should remain. Either way, this new

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