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Black DEMOCRATIC Lawmaker Endorses TRUMP!

Lifelong Democrat and Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones has officially endorsed Donald Trump for President. Jones, who is black, released statements to the media and social media. He also recorded a short video of himself not only giving his endorsement to Trump, but explaining why.

In the video, he addressed a big elephant in many Democrat’s room, which is how he can be black and endorse Trump at the same time. His take was simple. Trump is doing great things for the black community. Lowest black unemployment rate ever. Funding for HBCUs (Black Colleges). Opportunity zones, school choice, you name it.

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Vernon Jones also stated that he did not leave the Democratic party, but the Democratic party left him.

It’s not hard to see how the party has changed since he first got into politics in the metro Atlanta region back in 1993. Democrats used to be much more sensible, not radical as they are today. Politicians like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and many others are pushing the party all the way to the far left. The issue with that is most people do not identify with the far left.

So as the party continues to move away from people, people are moving away from the party. The more inaction the Democratic party engages in, the more action the Republican party does and effectively makes up the difference.

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Black voting patterns are always a hot-button issue because the Democratic party relies on that block voting for them at a 90% rate. Mainstream media / Democratic party (same thing) will fight tooth and nail with the dirtiest tactics available to keep that block in line. Fortunately for the right (not so much for the left) the bullying, strong-arm tactics of the mainstream media and political establishment are losing their effectiveness day by day.

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