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Lindsey Graham Calls For The Assassination of Vladimir Putin

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently called for the assassination of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. The remarks came during a live hit on Fox News. The discussion, as per usual over the past few days, was about Ukraine. Graham decided to give his two cents on how to end the conflict. He said that a Russian citizen should take it upon himself to “take him out” and do the country a great service. The host at the time appeared nervous immediately after Graham made the remarks… and rightfully so. To say something like that is not only irresponsible but very dangerous.


‘Is there a Brutus or Colonel Stauffenberg in…’: US Senator Lindsay Graham calls for Putin’s assassination

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US senator calls for Putin’s assassination

Putin ‘a war criminal’ and should be tried at Hague, Lindsey Graham says

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  1. Ooooh So taboo and edgy! N!6634 please. What Russia is doing to the Ukraine pales in comparison to what we did and continue to do to native American Indians and Hawaiians but I digress. Fox “news” is pathetic. Then again, so are all of the rest of mainstream American news outlets circa 21st century dimwit USA.


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