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FBI Indicts Derek Chauvin and Three Other Officers For The Death of George Floyd

The FBI announced indictments of Derek Chauvin and the three other officers present during the George Floyd arrest. Charges include unreasonable seizure, excessive force, and failure to administer medical aid. Chauvin was recently convicted of murdering George Floyd in the second and third degrees as well as a count of manslaughter. The other officers were initially charged in Minneapolis but charges were dropped. Chauvin also faces a federal civil rights violation charge for the arrest of a 14-year-old during a domestic violence call from 2017.

Chauvin is the only person who should be charged with anything if anyone. He was the one who had his knee on or close to George Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes. And it is arguable that the knee actually caused Floyd’s death instead of the massive amount of drugs he had in his system. None of the other officers were in a position to cause Floyd any harm. They had to arrest him because of his behavior and the crime that was committed. Two of the officers, Kueng and Lane, were rookies and were essentially brand new to the street. Chauvin was their Field Training Officer. Tou Thao was riding with Chauvin and had been on the force for a while, but he was not involved with Floyd while the other officers had him on the ground. He was focused on controlling the crowd of people on the scene instead of Floyd or the other officers.

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The formal indictment of Chauvin and the other officers feeds directly into a rumor that was floating around when he was convicted a few days ago. Apparently, if Chauvin was acquitted, the FBI was prepared to immediately take him into custody. It was not quite clear what the charge would be, but now that has been revealed. The FBI may have dug into Chauvin’s past and discovered the 2017 incident featuring a 14-year-old who was arrested in a similar fashion to Floyd. Although the male suspect did not die, Chauvin did kneel on his back for about 17 minutes while the male was in the prone position. The charge, in that case, is a civil rights violation.

So what is this really about? Is it about trying to find justice for a man who’s life was wrongfully taken by police or something else? Why would the FBI come in and charge officers with crimes who were not facing charges locally? Maybe the same reason why the FBI wrongfully raided someone’s home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. They appear to be politically motivated by bad leadership. Maybe leadership’s orders come directly from the White House.

Either way, this entire case sets a bad precedent. It also acts as a warning to officers, but not in the way that the left may want it to work. Rather than “police reform” what inner-city communities will get is a mass exodus of police and a skyrocketing crime rate as a result. This process has already started and the disastrous results are already being felt. But that’s OK since there may be fewer police shootings. Right?

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