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Michelle Obama Fears Her Daughters Will Be Racially Profiled By Police

Michelle Obama told Gayle King of CBS that she fears that her daughters may be racially profiled by police. The former First Lady’s comments came about during a segment after Gayle King asked her about George Floyd. Mrs. Obama said that her husband and herself agreed with the Chauvin verdict, but more work remains. She also stated that many people still live with fear while doing everyday mundane tasks like going to the store and walking their dog. One thing Michelle Obama did not mention is the private security force they are privy to for life.

The Secret Service protects all current and former Presidents as well as their immediate families. Sasha and Malia Obama, Michelle and Barack’s daughters, will get this protection for life. So it simply does not make logical sense to fear them being racially profiled by police. How can they be racially profiled when they essentially have their private police force that the rest of society are not privy to? Michelle Obama’s statements simply make no sense. Even if removed from the context of the Obama family, her statements still do not make sense. If anything, Michelle Obama is stoking fear in the hearts of average, everyday citizens that will do more harm than good.

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Fearing harm by police is truly an illogical thing. The chances of someone being abused by police during a traffic stop or arrest are slim to none. Especially nowadays in the era of cell phones and body cameras. Especially when it comes to the treatment of nonwhite civilians. A recent study suggests that officers are actually less likely to use deadly force against minorities when the situation calls for it. Several stories have popped up where officers have their guard down and get injured, sometimes even killed, by a civilian during a “routine” traffic stop.

Michelle Obama, and the rest of the “woke” warriors in politics, are simply catering the crowd. She speaks of racial profiling and police brutality as if they are the norm for nonwhite people when that is simply untrue. She referred to Black Lives Matter as “kids” rioting in the street because they have no other choice. In reality, BLM is a mostly white fundraising operation that uses violence and threats of violence to raise said money. America has some issues in some areas, but most of these problems can be solved if those who are claiming to “help” would just go away instead.


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