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Election Brief: Final Polls Stalled by Funny Business, Cheating, Fraud?

There’s a lot going on with the 2020 Election. Here’s what we know:


Discarded ballots for Trump were found in the trash in Luzerne County. We knew this election was going to be a dumpster fire, but not like this. Also, this is just one of many complaints from battleground Pennsylvania, to include illegal signage at polling locations and poll workers being prevented from doing their jobs.

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Investigations are underway to address #SharpieGate. Election officials at polling sites are accused of forcing users to use a Sharpie (brand markers) to fill out their ballots. Some claim this has invalidated votes. Plus, people across social media are baffled by votes being “cancelled.” Arizona’s Secretary of State offers a possible explanation for the confusion, but voters are seeking more answers.


We apologize in advance if YouTube bans this whistleblower testimony seeming to reveal mail fraud and voter fraud.

Also, can someone explain covering up windows in a Detroit election location? Or maybe there’s an explanation for coolers filled with ballots rolling into the polling center in the middle of the night.

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UPDATE 11/6/2020: In a press conference, Michigan GOP Chair announced that more than 6,000 ballots were incorrectly processed in voting machines, recording Republican votes as Democrat. This software was used in every county in the state and a hand count revealed the discrepancy.


Project Veritas strikes again as they uncover what appears to be a case of voter fraud during the early voting phases of the election. A “Republican consultant” was caught helping a woman revise her vote from Republican to Democrat. While we believe Trump can rest easy in the Lone Star State, still, any and all possible cases of voter fraud needs investigation.

The Internet

Anyone else think it’s odd that a sitting president can have his Tweets flagged and removed? While Biden’s campaign is chirping away on the social platform, President Trump is finding himself with deleted or flagged posts. Besides, why would anyone remove them? Wouldn’t the public want a paper trail in the event that Trump is spreading misinformation?

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Could you use a break from doom and gloom? Just watch this hilarious video of Biden’s HORRENDOUS speech at the Pennsylvania rally. In in, the democratic presidential clarifies, it’s TRUTH OVER LIES. 🤣

This is a running log of news analysis, sources and leads on voter fraud. Return here for updates as we publish them throughout the election season.

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