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Fox News Chris Wallace Says Joe Biden’s Inauguration Speech Was The Best He’s Ever Heard

Chris Wallace of Fox News says that Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration speech is the best that he’s ever heard. That would place Biden’s speech above the famous John F. Kennedy “ask not what your country can do for you” speech and also above both of Obama’s speeches infused with the “yes we can” slogan. Wallace did, of course, give reasons why he ranks the speech so highly, but the issue of if those reasons make sense or not is certainly up for debate.

Wallace spoke of the substance of Biden’s speech in relation to what has been happening over the past few days and weeks – especially in regard to the Capitol riot. Many people attribute the violence to President Trump and Wallace has been an open critic of Trump on Fox News. So it would make sense for a speech rebuking Trump that is masquerading as a “unifying” speech to appeal to Chris Wallace. Furthermore, Wallace can take the opportunity to distance himself away from the narratives that Fox News themselves have pushed and/or honestly reported on.

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To be clear, Fox News is not a purveyor of misinformation or anything of the sort. However, Fox News does push conservative values. And what Trump was able to successfully do is get regular people involved with politics who were not involved before. So the typical conservative narrative that comes from a place like Fox, once considered harmless to Chris Wallace, is now seen as dangerous. This is because normal people are active and observant in politics – and they don’t like what they see from people like Wallace. The condescending, holier-than-thou, elitist type of attitude.

Chris Wallace may feel like Fox News’ authority, and his as well, has taken a dip. And he would be correct. But this is no fault of Donald Trump. Trump just opened the door for the world to see the inner workings of politics on both the left and the right. A ton of people – including Chris Wallace – did not want that door opened. So instead of cleaning up the mess in the back of the house, the answer is to simply discredit Trump by any means necessary. Even if that means celebrating a half-baked speech as the best ever that rebukes Trump when you know that it is clearly not the best ever.


Chris Wallace: This was best inaugural address I’ve ever heard | TheHill

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Praises Biden’s Speech as ‘Best I Ever Heard’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace calls Biden’s speech the ‘best inaugural address I ever heard’

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