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MyPillow Products Pulled from Store Shelves, Says CEO

Cancel culture is getting too close for comfort, especially for Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, whose products are being pulled from store shelves.

The successful pro-Trump executive revealed the details during interviews with Right Side Broadcasting Network and Minnesota Fox affiliate KMSP-TV, stating that Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Kohls and HEB are among retailers no longer carrying the beloved sleep sensation.

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This is likely tied to his public support for President Trump in light of the voter fraud claims circulating around social media. Lindell has been one of the loudest voices in support of the outgoing president.

It’s a sad day when the virtues of capitalism are stifled by efforts to silence others. It’s as if freedom of speech is null and void, that the First Amendment means nothing at all. And while private retailers have a right to remove merchandise at will, it sets a dangerous precedent for anyone with conservative views seeking entrepreneurship.

Lindell certainly doesn’t deserve to be attacked for supporting an idea. Because if that should be the case, then many businesses should be closed for good. And as much as we like to believe that our jobs and small businesses are safe, the very situation that MyPillow is facing could very well happen to any of us — regardless of where we sit on the ideological fence. If your ideas are no longer wanted, your business is no longer needed.

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