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GOYA Foods CEO Refuses To Back Down After Trump Praise Backlash!

Goya Foods CEO Robert (Bob) Unanue refuses to back down or apologize for his praise of Trump at the White House. Unanue was a guest at the White House for an event where Trump signed the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Trump asked him to say a few words, and he did.

Unanue’s talk lasted about three minutes. In those three minutes, about 10 to 20 seconds was spent saying positive things about Trump. He called Trump a “great builder” and leader. And for that, he was roundly “canceled” all over social media by Hispanic leftist politicians like AOC and former House Rep Luis Gutiérrez.

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Cancel Culture Knows No Bounds

The “canceling” of Robert Unanue came with a social media-driven boycott of Goya Foods. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) posted a recipe for Adobo so her followers did not have to purchase Goya Adobo. Videos popped up all over Twitter of angry Goya customers throwing their cans of black beans into the trash.

Throwing perfectly food into the trash is ironic because Bob Unanue announced that Goya is going to donate one million cans of food to assist needy families. Goya has already donated 300,000 pounds of food during the virus outbreak.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Outrage from the political left is no more than a game to try and control the Hispanic vote. If Goya, the largest Hispanic food brand in the country, is seen as pro-Trump, then that strikes a huge blow against the Democrats in November. There is already little to no enthusiasm for the “Weekend-At-Bernie’s” body-double in Joe Biden. So any positive PR for Trump from minority communities is bad and should be crushed.

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Good on Bob Unanue for not backing down from the mob. He stood his ground and also reminded the world that when the Obama White House called, he was there. As an American, he does what is best for his country, not what’s best for a political party looking to gain, and maintain, control.


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