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Long-Dead Pet Cat in Atlanta Mailed A Voter Registration Form!

An Atlanta husband and wife say they received a voter registration form for their dead pet cat Cody, who passed away 12 years ago at over 18 years old. This news obviously brings up questions about who else… or what else is receiving the same form.

Animals Can Vote Now?

Local officials in Georgia say that they have nothing to do with this. Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State, Jordan Fuchs, released a statement placing the blame on third-party out-of-state activist groups. Fuchs also made clear that their office is dedicated to investigating all types of fraud.

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The point of fraud is the obvious subject that should be delved into a little bit deeper here. With everything going on concerning the virus and potential lack of open polling stations in November, several states have floated the idea of universal mail-in ballots. In other words, every registered voter would get their ballot mailed to them. Even if they did not apply for it. This would be a nightmare scenario.

Revealing Obvious Issues With Mail-In Balloting

If every registered voter is mailed a ballot, then some people will not get their ballot who would otherwise go out and vote in person. Some ballots will get lost in the mail. Some people have moved and their ballot will get mailed to their former address. What’s to prevent the new occupant of the home to vote as the person who’s ballot was mailed to their address? Especially if no identification is required to mail in a ballot.

Even if a registered voter receives their mail-in ballot and mails it off, there is an issue with in-transit security. Recent cases involving the arrest of postal workers discarding trash outline giant security flaws. Controlled environments for the majority of voters make the most sense to prevent voter disenfranchisement.

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Nip It In the Bud

And to reach back to an earlier rhetorical question… if a cat is mailed a voter registration form, then who else (or what else) is mailed the same form? Pet dogs? Snakes? Turtles? Birds? What if a human being identifies as an animal and they vote as one of the aforementioned animals? There are so many variables brought into the mix that it simply does not make sense to press forward with voting on a massive scale away from a controlled environment.


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