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Haitians At The Border Did Not Get Whipped By Border Patrol On Horses

The United States Border Patrol is facing allegations of whipping Haitians in pictures that have surfaced from Del Rio, Texas. As the current border crisis rages out of control, it is becoming more and more difficult to control large crowds of people. Mounted Border Patrol officers are trained to use their horses for crowd control and to quickly patrol areas somewhat inaccessible by traditional vehicles.

A handful of pictures from the Southern Border show an officer with an object that may look like a whip in his hand. The same pictures show Haitian men fleeing from the officer. So the media (along with regular people) decided to put two and two together and concluded that the Border Patrol was whipping the Haitians. High-profile people like Maxine Waters have publicly denounced this as being the equivalent or worse than slavery.

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No Haitians got whipped at the Southern Border. The explanation for the pictures is very simple. In order to “steer” horses, there are tools called “horse reins”. These reins may look like whips to those who do not understand what they are. Horse reins are not whips. However, due to the ignorance of the general public combined with unfair coverage by the media, controversy is now laid at the feet of the Border Patrol.

The debate over what a horse rein is compared to an actual bull-whip seems like a distraction. The bigger issue is that 15,000 people were under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas awaiting illegal entry into the United States. Haiti is 2,000 miles away from Del Rio and that distance is mostly the Gulf of Mexico. So the question is, how did 15,000 Haitians get to Del Rio, Texas within the course of just a few days?

Most of the illegal aliens in Del Rio did not come directly from Haiti. They came from Central and South America where many of them have been for years. After the devastating earthquake a few years back, large groups of Haitians sought refuge in countries like Brazil and Chile. When word got out that Joe Biden was not deporting anyone… it was like a beacon to all Haitians to head to Del Rio because they would essentially be guaranteed entry into the United States.

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This would not happen under Donald Trump. This is exactly why people have waited for ten years or more to try and cross illegally. These people know that under Trump’s administration, deportation was going to happen. There would be security at the border and they wouldn’t be granted entry. That security is gone, therefore the floodgates are open. And with an open border that invites the whole world, there will be issues with crowding and crowd control, enter mounted security.


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  1. I have seen no video evidence of anyone being whipped by border patrol and yet biden just said they will pay for it. I just don’t understand how this is happening the the US. How are they getting away with all of the false narratives and nobody does anything about it? Biden killed 7 children in Afghanistan but border patrol doing their job for America is what gets his attention. The Bible says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This is certainly happening in our world right now.

  2. Just another bunch of garbage being spewed from Maxine Waters, Biden, AOC, and all the ultra liberals who can’t even dirty their hands to get down there and see what’s really going on!
    Much easier to jump to conclusions then to actually go, look at the Haitians, see if they have whipping scars on their bodies. No, let’s blame Border Patrol, Police, whomever is trying to keep order. That makes THEM look so intelligent. NOT!

  3. But…why does it matter? These trash should have been shot long before they ever GOT to this point. They should never have been allowed to penetrate this far inland. Why does any of this matter? It’s OUR country. THEY are the intruders. It is THEY who are in the wrong, both legally and morally.


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