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Herman Cain Dies of COVID-19 Virus, Media IMMEDIATELY Mock Him

Former Presidential Candidate and political commentator Herman Cain has died of the virus in Atlanta at age 74. He was in the hospital for nearly a month in an induced coma attached to a ventilator. His hospitalization came just two days after being diagnosed with the virus. Many on Twitter and media, in general, took time out to celebrate his life and accomplishments. Unfortunately, not everyone did the same.

Household Name

Herman Cain was a well-accomplished man and a larger-than-life figure in conservative circles. Of course, there was his famous presidential run in 2012 that put him on the map as a household name. Cain will forever be known for his 9-9-9 tax plan that took the country by storm during the Republican Presidential primaries. He lost the primary to Mitt Romney after a Kavanaugh-style fiasco involving women, but the smear on his name did not deter those of us that admire him, nor could it erase his prior life.

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Before running for President in 2012, Herman Cain had run twice before – in 2000 and 2004. The first time he ran for office was more of an effort to make a political statement. Herman Cain was also the senior economic adviser for Bob Dole’s 1996 Presidential campaign.

Before The Fame

Cain had an impressive professional life. His most recent career choice was that of a political commentator. He was on the radio for a very long time with the Herman Cain show. Just before his hospitalization in Atlanta, Cain was set to start another show on Newsmax. He was also very active on the ground with politics, just not as an active candidate or elected official. Cain attended “Black Voices For Trump” in Atlanta where Trump spoke last year and was an advisor to the board. Cain’s final public appearance was at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was controversial due to the ongoing virus.

Herman Cain tested positive for the virus very soon after his return from the Tulsa Trump rally. And of course, the mainstream left media immediately attacked him for attending the rally with no mask and no social distancing. But Fox News reported that everyone who attended the rally, or at least those around Cain and Cain himself, were tested for the virus before admittance. So the origin of his virus was totally unknown.

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Herman Cain Was A Survivor

Cain was also a stage four colon cancer survivor. The malignancy had spread beyond his colon and into other parts of his body, but he was declared relatively healthy. And at age 74, there are myriad of other reasons why he may have passed away. Any conclusions on how Mr. Cain caught the virus and why he died are pure speculation and nothing else.

Shameful Leftist Media

Media types like the so-called “Republican” Ana Navarro wasted no time in attacking Cain and also Trump supporters for his death, decrying the lack of mask and social distancing. Former CIA officer and Presidential candidate Evan McMullin also attacked Cain and Trump, saying that Cain is the first casualty of the Trump cult.

The very same people that attacked Herman Cain for dying will also be the loudest ones screaming “black lives matter.” It seems like black lives only matter when the person was not conservative and followed the non-Trump-supporter standard of living. And it’s a shame because a person’s death shouldn’t be used as some sort of political springboard. If people do not like Herman Cain, then that’s fine. There is no need to pretend like they do because he’s gone. But there is also no need to attack the man for dying, either. Show a level of respect.

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May Herman Cain rest in peace. He leaves behind a wife and two children, and a legacy that cannot be torn down or washed away.


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