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MSNBC Anchor Attacks Black Democrat for Supporting Trump!

MSNBC Anchor Craig Melvin attacked a black Democrat Georgia State Rep by the name of Vernon Jones over his support of Donald Trump. Jones has been outspoken on social media and in his Atlanta-area district about his support for the President, all while remaining a Democrat. The State Representative says his support for Donald Trump is not about politics, it’s about results.

Many liberals are not comfortable with a black person, especially a black Democrat, supporting any Republican. Especially Donald Trump. Craig Melvin’s criticism of Vernon Jones is a perfect example of the lack of comfort and lack of acceptance black Democrats get when they think out of the box.

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Great Start But…

The interview between Melvin and Jones started off well. Melvin asked a couple of pedestrian questions about being a Democrat and supporting the President. When Vernon Jones started to speak about the President’s accomplishments with the economy, things got a little testy.

Melvin pushed back against Jones and repeated the line of “the economy was on it’s way up when Obama was in office” and Jones replied with “that’s fake news.” At that point, the interview went off the rails and never got back on track. The interview may have even ended early due to the amount of back and forth with raised voices happening.

Here Come The Accusations

In very typical liberal Democrat fashion, Craig Melvin asked Vernon Jones if he is a paid surrogate. For context, the aforementioned question came right at the breaking point of the interview base-diving off of a cliff. Jones took exception to the question and the timing of the question. The two men had already been sort-of arguing and over-talking one another, so the question was clearly an attack meant to discredit and/or embarrass Jones.

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Vernon Jones said that he is not a paid surrogate and has never gotten a dime from the President or the campaign. He is simply an American patriot that wants the best for his country. Melvin reacted in an over-the-top fashion at Jones’ response to his “paid surrogate” question. Generally, when people react like that, it’s because they are lying or want to convince people watching that they are not malicious in nature when they, in fact, are.

Typical For The Left

The interaction Vernon Jones had with Craig Melvin on MSNBC is not uncommon. Black Trump supporters always get accused of being phony and paid-off by the left. It’s simply a tactic to try and discredit and undermine. If anyone is guilty of anything of the sort, it would be the MSNBC employee.

Would Craig Melvin get paid by MSNBC as an anchor if he had conservative Republican viewpoints? Doubtful. He also has a track record of attacking black people who lean conservative. Melvin questioned whether Tim Scott was a GOP “token” for supporting police reform.

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Vernon Jones is exemplary of much of America. They may identify as lifelong Democrat but they realize the party they once championed has left them behind. They begin to take note of their surroundings and come to a different conclusion than what they thought before.


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