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Trump’s “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” Tweet Angers Leftist Media!

President Trump recently informed Americans on Twitter that people living the Suburban Lifestyle Dream will no longer be bothered by encroaching low-income housing. The tweet was in reference to Trump’s administration rescinding the Obama-era expansion of the Fair Housing Act. The specific rule in question from Obama’s time was called the AFFH or the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule.

Make It Plain

In a subsequent tweet, Trump added information about the property value of homes going up based on the market as opposed to going down due to the introduction of low income housing. Trump also wrote that crime will go down, which is a predictable factor once low-income environments are no longer present in a high-income area.

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Predictably, much of the leftists on Twitter and the mainstream media (is there a difference?) did not like Trump’s tweets. One online publication instantly brought up a housing discrimination case levied against Trump in the 1970s. Blue-checkers on Twitter simply labeled the President’s tweets as racist and classist. The reality is that what Trump tweeted has already happened and it’s a thing that every sane suburbanite wants.

Woke Olympics

To label Trump’s tweets as racist is racist itself. A great example of this racism comes from a blue checker named Andy Ostroy (see above). Why would Andy assume that everyone in a low-income area is non-white or “BIPOC” as the “woke” kids say? Poverty has no color. The majority of those impoverished in America are white. Furthermore, suburbanites have no color, either. Non-whites live there too. The race card is overplayed and played out.

The AFFH rule from Obama essentially forced localities across the nation to endure mountains of arduous paperwork. Some of these places simply gave up and placed low-income housing in high-income areas. This is unfair to the high-income people who worked very hard and spent a large amount of money for the luxury of their environment. If they worked for 25 years and saved every dime to leave a poor neighborhood, why would they want the same element to come to them?

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Facts Aren’t Racist

Moving low-income people to a high-income area will simply shift the problems of the poor area to the affluent area. Poor neighborhoods are not completely filled with degenerate people but there is a high level of these people there. Criminals, perverts, drug addicts, and run-of-the-mill dregs of society have one thing in common with regular low-income people. And that is poverty. Every sane and rational person living in that type of environment wants nothing more than to get out and AWAY. Nobody wants that element brought to their front door.

None of the people sitting comfortably online in their suburban community would want to live in a ghetto for one moment. Even if they were able to keep all of their money and creature comforts. A McMansion in the ghetto is no more than a high-value target. It’s easy for people to scoff at the previous statement as bunk if they never have to take up the challenge of practicing what they preach. Which is par for the course online and in liberal lefty publications who get government protection that rivals Secret Service itself.


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