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Nicki Minaj Blocked From Twitter After Questioning The Vaccine

Nicki Minaj has been temporarily blocked from Twitter after posting quite a few tweets questioning the vaccine. The world-famous rapper and entertainer did not offer up “misinformation” or conclusions about alternative treatments. She even said that she plans on getting the vaccine and that masks work. But the simple act of questioning the efficacy of the vaccine, which one works better than others, and sharing an anecdote of a vaccine side-effect was enough to enrage many influential people.

The attacks against Nicki Minaj over her “skepticism” of the vaccine were not enough to stop her from tweeting. She doubled and tripled down on her right to be inquisitive. Twitter saw this unfolding and probably thought it was getting out of control. So they temporarily blocked access to her Twitter account. Twitter released a statement saying that they did not take action against Nicki Minaj over her vaccine questions. This is wormy language because Twitter does not deny taking action against her for another reason, which is probably what happened. When the mainstream media characterize Twitter’s actions against her as retaliation against “misinformation”, that is false. Not simply because of Twitter’s “denial”, but because there was no misinformation.

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After the Twitter “jail” incident, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram Live to give her side of the story. She spoke about the myriad ways leftist establishment types were essentially dispatched to stop her. It started with Joy Ried, a black female host on MSNBC. As soon as Nicki Minaj started questioning the virus, Ried immediately admonished her while recording live on MSNBC. Nicki Minaj says this action was purposeful because if a white person did it then they would be immediately cast away as racist.

The Biden administration contacted Nicki Minaj and invited her to the White House to discuss the vaccine. Minaj says the Surgeon General and Anthony Fauci were supposed to be there. But since Nicki has just given birth to a baby, she did not want to travel and requested there be some sort of live stream. This conversation is happening over several different calls between the White House and Nicki Minaj’s management.

Nicki Minaj tells her millions of followers about the White House invitation at a certain point in-between calls. Then she got an angry response from the administration upset that she told people about the invitation. Mainstream media then release a story with the White House denying there was ever an invitation beyond a phone call. This series of events makes it look like the Biden administration was only set out to silence Nicki Minaj by intimidation instead of having a real conversation.

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The entire Instagram live chat with Nicki Minaj was fascinating and eye-opening to anyone who takes time to listen. She spoke about visiting China and how they were instructed to not say negative things about their administration. Juxtapose that to what’s happening here in America. It’s one thing for a foreign place to have a culture that does not permit its citizens basic human rights. When that culture begins to creep into American society and impact regular, everyday people on up to mega-millionaire celebrities, it is most certainly cause for concern. Nicki M


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