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HOAX ALERT: Woman Claims She Was Hit With A Brick After Refusing To Give Out Her Phone Number

A woman claimed to be the victim of a brick attack in Houston, Texas outside of a club after refusing to give a man her number. The woman recorded herself on Instagram talking about the alleged attack with an obviously swollen face. She admonished a group of men standing nearby for refusing to do anything to the attacker. This video went viral and created a dizzying narrative around black men and their alleged inability to protect black women. There were also camps of people essentially defending the “brick thrower” for attacking the “disrespectful” woman. Then, however, new information came out that looked at both of these “sides” as foolish. This woman lied from the beginning and created a social media hoax to cash in at the end.


After Black Woman Is Attacked With a Brick, She’s Blamed. How Did We Allow This To Happen?

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