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New Mexico Governor Suspends Second Amendment Rights After Shooting

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is attempting to suspend the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. She wants to institute a total ban on concealed and open carry for 30 days in certain parts of the state, essentially Albuquerque. This is unconstitutional because there is no avenue for a person to legally carry their legally purchased firearm. It is unclear if and/or how police would enforce such a ruling. A ban on open carry would obviously be easier to enforce due to the weapon being visible. But it is nearly impossible to enforce a ban on concealed carry, beyond random checkpoints and pat-downs in places like Wal-Mart. And, again, it is not clear if the police would even want to enforce such a thing due to the obvious violation of rights.

Governor Grisham is attempting to institute the ban due to the recent shooting of an 11-year-old girl and other shootings in the state. This is apparently her reaction to the rising problem of gun violence in New Mexico. When asked at a press conference if the 30-day ban would negatively impact criminals, she affirmed that it would not. This is a stunning admission to make when the entire purpose of instituting a 30-day ban is to reduce crime. How would there be any reduction in crime if the Governor herself admitted that her rule would not affect criminals?

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Breaking911 on X: “REPORTER: “If someone’s got a concealed carry permit in Albuquerque, walking down a public street, they’re not gonna get arrested.” NM GOV. GRISHAM: “Maybe they should be…”” / X

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