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Hunter Biden Gun Charge Dropped After Lawyers Argue Second Amendment Protection

One of the gun charges in Hunter Biden’s failed plea deal has been dropped by federal judge Maryellen Noreika. Joe Biden’s son’s lawyers argued that the gun charge citing his drug use was unconstitutional and against his Second Amendment rights. A ruling was not made on that specific allegation and, instead, the charge was simply dropped.

Since Hunter Biden’s original plea deal failed, the charges within that deal have now been dropped or re-filed in a three-count indictment. The charges within the indictment are not yet known. However, Hunter was facing at least two to three gun charges and two misdemeanor tax charges. The tax charges relate to his failure to file tax returns for two consecutive years.

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Since the new indictment has three counts, it is still possible that Hunter faces a legal penalty related to the firearm he purchased in 2018. The big charge he was facing was lying on a background check, which is a violation of the Brady Act. This is not necessarily a gun charge although it relates to the firearm. It is more akin to perjury, due to lying to the Federal Government.


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