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Viral Video: Woman Freaks Out Over Man Approaching Her In Parking Lot

A mother freaks out over a man approaching her in a parking lot in a now-viral video that has spread like wildfire. The video originally surfaced on the woman’s own TikTok page and has now been reposted several times across all social media. In the video, she states that she was leaving a store with her young son when a man said “excuse me ma’am” from about 30 feet away. She immediately turned to him and yelled “don’t approach me!” The man did not come any closer. He actually turned in the other direction and began to yell back at her.

The viral video starts after the confrontation is over. The woman records herself speaking about the incident in a parking lot. It is not quite clear if this is the same place where the incident happened. However, what is clear is that it is broad daylight outside. The key statement she made in her video that drew a polarizing reaction is that men should not approach women in parking lots. This is because of how dangerous these types of areas can be for women when it comes to kidnapping and assault. Several commenters, both male and female, stated that she was overreacting. Others said that her feelings were valid and people shouldn’t dismiss her intuition as irrelevant.

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Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Now she’s mad that no one approached her at the grocery store.” / Twitter

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