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Jasmine Crockett Disrespects Black Voters Who Dropped Support For Biden

Democratic House Rep Jasmine Crockett made some interesting comments about black voters concerning the drop in support for President Joe Biden. During a recent CNN appearance, the Texas Rep reacted to polls that show a drop in support for the President in key battleground states.

Crockett’s explanation for this drop is uninformed voters who react emotionally instead of using logic to understand how politics actually works. Crockett referenced a “popular African-American” rapper (probably Sexxy Redd) who stated that things were better under Trump because he was “passing out checks.” She says this line of thinking is incorrect and shouldn’t be what people base their voting patterns on.

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The problem with Jasmine Crockett’s line of thinking is that she is neglecting to mention people who are not influenced by popular rappers. There are real-world scenarios people deal with daily that determine how they vote. Inflation, joblessness, the border crisis, foreign conflicts, and other genuine issues impact an important decision such as voting more than the word of a random rapper on a podcast.


RNC Research on X: “Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett says Biden’s drop in support among Black Americans is because “feelings are dictating their reality” and they aren’t “understanding exactly how any of this works”” / X

RT on X: “Rephrase: Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) blasts Republicans for initiating an impeachment inquiry against Biden, arguing that his sole offense is his love for his son Hunter. She contends that the GOP is overlooking Trump’s mishandling of classified documents. See the irony?” / X

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