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Tucker Carlson Blasts New Speaker Mike Johnson Over This Statement

Tucker Carlson unloaded on the new Republican Speaker Of The House Mike Johnson during a podcast with Theo Von. During “This Past Weekend” episode 468, Tucker spoke to Theo for about 2 and a half hours.

At one point, the topic of newly-appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson came up. He was ushered in after weeks of back and forth among the GOP over who would replace the ousted Kevin McCarthy. Johnson had nearly universal support in the party. He even has a few friends on the other side, just like McCarthy.

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However, Tucker Carlson did not like Johnson’s first order of business once he became the Speaker, which was the foreign nation of Israel. Tucker made it clear that he is not against Israel and that he actually supports them over Hamas, but at the same time he is American. When the Speaker of the House makes a foreign nation his immediate priority, that sends a terrible message to the general public and to the rest of the world.


An0maly on X: “Tucker Carlson was upset that the first thing the new Speaker of the House did was for a foreign country & not American citizens” / X

Citizen Free Press on X: “Mike Johnson says ceasefire calls are “disturbing”: “Israel doesn’t need a ceasefire, they need their allies to cease with the politics and deliver support now. And that’s what we’re doing.”” / X

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