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Jason Aldean Sets The Record Straight Over Try That In A Small Town Controversy

Country music star Jason Aldean has given his first on-air interview about his controversial “Try That In A Small Town” song to CBS. The subject matter of the song has been fuel for critics over the past six months or so. Social justice groups such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter were alluded to in a negative way in the video and in the song’s lyrics due to their violent and destructive nature. The song debuted with limited fanfare until the music video dropped. The video was so controversial and socially relevant that it made the song skyrocket to number one on the music charts.

Critics of the song accused Aldean of “dog-whistling” to dangerous elements of American society. Some people stated that he chose the backdrop of a courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee due to a racially motivated crime that happened about one hundred years ago. These same critics say that Aldean’s song specifically targets blacks and other non-whites for heightened levels of criminality. Aldean denies any ill will behind the song and elaborates on why the message was important for him to express during the exclusive interview.

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Jason Aldean stands by his “Try That in a Small Town” song and music video – YouTube

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