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Joe Biden Falls During Air Force Academy Graduation

Joe Biden has fallen again, this time during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. Biden was present to shake the hands of all 921 cadets who walked across the stage and received their diplomas.

At a certain point during the ceremony, Biden was instructed to move from point A to point B. As he attempted to do this, he apparently fell over his own feet. He did not have to maneuver around steps which had previously been a stumbling block for the 80-year-old President. The area he walked across looked flat, although he did point back at it once he was helped to his feet.

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Joe Biden has fallen and/or stumbled to the point of almost falling several times during his Presidency. He has routinely tripped up the steps of Air Force One. He also famously fell off his bicycle in Delaware. The media consistently make excuses for all of these falls and near-falls, saying basic things like… “everyone makes mistakes.”

This same grace was never extended to former President Trump. Back in 2020, Trump shook the hands of graduating cadets at West Point just like Joe Biden did at the Air Force Academy. Also, as Biden did, Trump was instructed to go from point A to point B.

The difference is that Trump had to walk down a slippery ramp with hard-bottom shoes on. He walked carefully and slowly so as not to trip and fall. He accomplished his goal but the media still took umbrage with how he walked. They said that the then-President may need medical evaluation. They even criticized the way he drank a glass of water. No such attention will be paid to the obviously declining health of President Joe Biden.

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