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Joe Biden: Vote For Me Or “You Ain’t Black!”

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared on “The Breakfast Club” radio show this morning via internet video stream. For some reason, at the very tail end of the show, Joe Biden decided to say “if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black!” The internet collectively reacted in a sometimes gleeful uproar.

The Breakfast Club is an extremely popular black radio show. It’s also one of the top shows in the country outside of racial pigeonholes. Charlamagne Tha God, also known as Lenard McKelvey, was the host interviewing Biden. McKelvey has a reputation for giving tough interviews and even intentionally agitating the show’s guests.

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Charlamagne did ask Joe Biden a few hard-hitting questions throughout the nearly 19-minute interview. Before the now-viral “you ain’t black” quote, McKelvey asked Biden about his 1994 Clinton Crime Bill. The host also asked Biden about some “tangible” items that the black community often request. For the most part, Biden didn’t say much. Just typical leftist politician talking points expressed through the mouth of a person on his last legs.

Quite frankly, the interview did not get interesting until the very end. McKelvey’s reaction to Biden’s “you ain’t black” statement was quite underwhelming. After all, McKelvey is the same person that has intentionally made guests cry on the show. But now all of a sudden he’s quiet as a church mouse? It seems strange at best.

This isn’t the first time a Democratic Presidential Candidate has appeared on the Breakfast Club. Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton made her famous “hot sauce in my bag” remark on The Breakfast Club. It was a similar situation to Joe Biden’s. The interview was wrapping up, they didn’t have much time left, and then the candidate says something that some deem as totally offensive or racist.

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Racism isn’t really the issue here. The bigger problem with what Joe Biden said is a lack of respect. Biden’s strategist (and chief handler/security?) Symone Sanders says that his comments were made in jest. And that’s pretty much the go-to line for Biden defenders. “He was just joking.” Was he really? Even if he was, where is the respect?

Democrats appear to think that they own the rights to the black vote. And in a way, they aren’t wrong. They don’t have to do anything special to get the black vote. No push-back is given to Democrats when they appear on major media outlets and disrespect black people. When Democrats get in office they aren’t expected to do anything for the black community.

The most that Barack Obama did was invite a bunch of rappers to the White House and take a picture. He could have at least let them perform in the oval office.

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Biden defenders will defer to allegations of President Trump engaging in racism against black people. Evidence of said racism is very hard to find. Because it does not exist. For years, the black community has idolized Trump. He has appeared in black sitcoms, partied with black celebrities, dated black women, given black businesses grants and loans, you name it.

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As President, Trump is doing more to help the black community. The First Step Act, which is freeing black people from unnecessarily long prison sentences from drug violations. The same prison sentences that Joe Biden wrote into law back in the early 1990s. Then there is more funding to HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges). Regulations, red tape, high taxes, high costs of doing businesses have been slashed to help black businesses grow.

So, not only is it racist to say that a black person voting for Trump isn’t black, but it’s also silly. What is there to gain from President Joe Biden? He brings nothing to the table outside of disrespect and confusion.

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