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Man Arrested For Attacking Elderly Man In Nursing Home

A 20-year-old black man by the name of Jaydon Hayden is in the custody of Detroit Police after attacking a 75-year-old man at a nursing home. The man may be white, but he could also be light-skinned black. It’s hard to tell due to the grainy nature of the now (unfortunately) viral video of the young man attacking the elderly man.

The races of the people involved are not necessarily important in this case. All that matters is that a monster is brought to justice. Race, however, does matter to certain groups of people for different reasons.

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Hayden recorded the vile actions and uploaded them to his social media. His identity was not known at first. After a very short period of time, “researchers” on the internet discovered his name and address. This information was given to Detroit Police and they carried out a swift arrest.

Authorities say that there is more than one video of Hayden floating around the internet. He assaulted at least two more elderly victims at the same nursing home, one of whom was definitely a white male. Race, again, is not paramount or truly important in this case, but it becomes important. Hayden also uploaded videos of himself espousing racist, black supremacist viewpoints.

Who Dropped The Ball?

The question here must be: “how did Jaydon Hayden have unfettered access to the inside of a nursing home?” Contrary to original reporting, he was not a nurse or any type of aide at the facility. Hayden was actually a patient himself. The nursing home doubles as a rehabilitation center. The assailant was most likely in rehab or in some sort of an instead-of-jail situation.

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It’s crystal clear that Jaydon Hayden should have been behind bars instead of at the Rehab/Nursing Home Center. The videos of Hayden assaulting the elderly men happened around May 15th. The Chinese Virus shut down outside visitors to nursing homes in Michigan. So it’s very easy for an elderly patient to be abused in a variety of ways and have their family be none the wiser.

Total Media Silence

To quickly address the elephant in the room, this case would be plastered all over the mainstream media for months if the attacker were white and the victim clearly black. There is no question about it. It would preempt regularly scheduled programming like a tornado warning. Why? Because a white attacker + a black victim = the media’s preferred narrative. A black victim and possibly a black perpetrator? Then there is no black victimhood narrative for the media to push. Therefore, no story to tell.

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  1. It is funny that whenever it’s a black person attacking someone, their race is never relevant. However if a white guy even gets into a car accident with someone of another race it’s labeled a hate crime. Turns out his race did have something to do with it and the author of this blog is a disingenuous hack.

  2. What he’s saying is ‘regardless of whether the victim is black or white, this guy beating up an elderly person is horrible’.

  3. Just listen and watch Colin Flaherty videos he has been documenting Black on White violence for years wildly out of proportion

  4. Disgusting coward. Great mix of clientele drug addicted scumbags who often prey on vulnerable people in fact. And elderly nursing home residents. Endangering the welfare of the elderly on the part of the facility. Oh Wait I’m sorry, we’re probably supposed to feel sorry for the poor helpless drug addict right!? After all the other guy is a white man who clearly has all the power and privilege and is the real abuser, isn’t that the line I keep hearing. I have reparations for that poor young man, in fact I’m positive I can repair him in 30 seconds.

  5. What is up with that beginning thing about him being partially white or black, there is a Facebook video that is as clear as day what race he is. It is important to know what race he is so police can get an accurate description of what the perpetrator looks like. Yet the media can’t say what it is for what it is, A young overweight black mental man wearing white t-shirt and jeans beating up an elderly white old man in an elderly home plain and simple. Oh and guess what it doesn’t get traction because it doesn’t fit the narrative that black people can’t be racist or commit such ludicrous crimes so the mainstream media doesn’t cover it.


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