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Joe Manchin Refuses To Vote For The Build Back Better Bill

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced that he will not vote for the Build Back Better bill, much to the chagrin of the Biden administration. The Senate is currently composed of 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats (with the exception of Bernie Sanders and Angus King who always vote Democrat). If Joe Manchin voted “yes” on the bill, then that would create a tie that Kamala Harris would break and she would obviously vote in favor of the bill. Mainstream media have been attacking Manchin as the “only” person in the way of “progress”. The reality is that 51 Senators will most likely not vote for the bill and that’s more than the 49 who probably will. Majority rules.

Manchin’s decision did not go over well with the Democratic Party or regular people who consider themselves progressive acolytes. Bette Midler delivered one of the biggest gaffes of the 21st Century by attacking the entire state of West Virginia as “poor, illiterate, and strung out”. This attack was for no other reason than her anger against one man in Joe Manchin. This sentiment was echoed by thousands of people online and off. Even the so-called “professionals” on television offered a watered-down version of Midler’s take. They say that West Virginia is struggling in myriad ways therefore Build Back Better should be embraced. The truth is that West Virginian voters are not moronic as ignorant people on the outside world may think.

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Build Back Better (BBB) is a spending bill that promises to print trillions of dollars to fulfill what is ultimately a socialist utopia. Anyone with a working brain knows that this plan will not work. It cannot work. Printing and spending trillions of dollars will not help the United States at all, especially in a poor state like West Virginia. Dollars losing value will not help a place with a short supply of money.

The Biden Administration has been hostile against concerned parents at school board meetings. These parents don’t want their children to be miseducated and/or undereducated. So the question Americans must ask themselves is… how will BBB help education if parents aren’t even allowed to question the education system? Drugs are a serious problem throughout all of Appalachia, especially in southern West Virginia and Kentucky. BBB promises to reduce drug prices. Which drugs are these? The pills that already flow through the mountains like water in the Kanawha River?

Then there is the issue of the Biden Administration being hostile against the fossil fuel industry. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign cycle, Hillary Clinton famously told a crowd in Columbus, Ohio that she will put coal companies out of business. Columbus is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from West Virginia. That message was heard loud and clear throughout the Mountain State. Another famous “gaffe” against West Virginia Joe Biden himself said that coal miners should “learn how to code”. West Virginia is a state that has traditionally relied upon coal mining to support its economy. Everyone knows that without coal, WV does not have much. Build Back Better will do nothing to fix what these politicians have already said about dooming the lifeblood of West Virginia.

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