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John Legend Calls Trump A “Dyed In The Wool” Racist

Singer John Legend said that President Donald Trump has always been a racist during an interview on MSNBC with Katy Tur. The context of the interview was criminal justice reform, a cause that Legend says he is passionate about. He spoke with Tur about his efforts to increase awareness for “pretrial freedom,” or what is commonly known as bail reform.

Katy Tur asked the “All Of Me” singer about Donald Trump’s “First Step Act” due to the law’s role in freeing thousands of incarcerated people. Legend dismissed the act as small and not wide-ranging enough because it does not affect crimes on the city and state levels. He then went on to say that Trump is a “dyed in the wool” racist, going back as far as the 1970s. Such a statement is bold to make, especially without sufficient evidence.

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