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Joy Reid Does Damage Control On “The View” After Biden Hot Mic Criticism

Joy Reid did a bit of damage control on “The View” after she was confronted about her recent hot mic moment in which she criticized Joe Biden. During a segment about the ongoing border crisis, MSNBC cut to footage of the President speaking about it. Earlier in the show, she discussed foreign conflicts the US is involved in. Toward the end of the short clip, Joy Reid is heard saying, “by starting another f-ing war.” She later apologized for dropping the “f-bomb” on live television, but she did not address her discontent with Biden getting the United States involved with another overseas war.

During a recent appearance on “The View,” Joy Reid was prompted to… clarify her stance during her hot mic moment. While she did not shy away from being anti-war, she certainly took the opportunity to point the finger in other directions and spread the blame around. Joy Reid accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of starting a Civil War over the border crisis. She then blamed Republicans for the situation, saying that a bill was sitting on their desks that they refused to sign. This line of thinking is one of selective memory due to the border being secure under the Trump administration without needing a “border bill.” The bill also contains funding for the very wars that Reid is against, so if they sign it, then that would go against what she said during her hot mic moment. So then we’d be back at square one.

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Much of what Joy Reid said on “The View” was trying to shine Biden in the best light possible while somewhat sticking to her original anti-war point. She did not do a very good job of explaining herself or damage control.


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