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Kim Klacik DESTROYS Joy Behar LIVE on “The View!”

Conservative Congressional candidate from the Baltimore area of Maryland Kim Klacik made a fiery appearance on “The View.” As a conservative Republican who checks the identity boxes of black and female, she was under extra fire from the all-female and predominantly liberal “panel” of hosts. Klacik was asked all sorts of questions about President Trump and his talking points. Most of the questions the “panel” of women asked her had nothing to do with her campaign.


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Joy Behar brought up Donald Trump’s response to the virus and posed that to Kim Klacik so she could defend it. And the question was framed in a way that Trump was guilty and Klacik’s job was to prove him innocent. Rather than taking that bait, Klacik flipped it on her and asked if she was speaking to the same Joy who was caught prancing around in “blackface” not long ago. This question sparked in immediate “triggered” response in Behar and she blurted out “the black community had my back!”

Kim KIacick responded to Joy Behar’s outburst by saying that she is actually black and the black community has her back. Sunny Hostin (who identifies as Hispanic, possibly?) came to her co-hosts rescue and attacked Klacik. Hostin said that the black community didn’t come out and vote for Klacik (referring to the special election to replace Elijah Cummings after his death). Klacik correctly brought up the fact that the election happened during the lockdown at an abnormal time of the year. Hostin childishly said “wow” loudly and repeatedly to drown Klacick out.

To “The View’s” credit, Megan McCain actually advocated for Kim Klacik to appear on the program. Klacick was able to get her widely-viral campaign ad that is focused on the inner city of West Baltimore. In the ad, Kim brings up the obvious problems with Democratic leadership that has Baltimore looking like a war-torn country. That was the only bright spot from the other side during Kim Klacik’s appearance on “The View.” All of the other women were generally nasty and/or condescending.

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The women over at “The View” are always hostile to any conservative guest. This is nothing new. The issue with Kim Klacik that makes them a little bit more aggressive is that she is not a white male. She is a black female conservative displaying that you can be whatever you want to be in America. And that is a very big threat to the left who rely upon the black vote at an over 90% rate. If that percentage were to dip to even 85%, it would most certainly spell doom for the Democratic party especially on the federal level.


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