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Kwame Brown DEFENDS Candace Owens From The Fake Woke Left

Former NBA player Kwame Brown defended conservative star personality Candace Owens from the “fake woke” left. Brown’s comments, of course, drew a lot of hate from the peanut gallery because defending a conservative person is nearly heresy nowadays.

Kwame Brown was the #1 overall draft pick in 2001 on the Washington Wizards team that featured an aging Michael Jordan on his second NBA comeback. Brown played for twelve years and accumulated a reported $65 million dollars throughout his career. His NBA statistics did not measure up to superstars like Shaquille O’Neal and other All-Star caliber players, so the media labeled him a “bust” due to his high draft-pick status. For years Kwame didn’t say much about the attacks from the media or too much else. Until recently when he decided to pick up his phone and go live on YouTube and Instagram.

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Kwame Brown has discussed everything from the family structure within the black community to the college basketball system to the mainstream media, which is arguably his best subject to tackle. It is not known whether Brown is a conservative, liberal, or political at all. But he noted that Candace Owens makes very interesting points that should be met with good-faith arguments instead of attacks against her as a person.

Much of the “fake woke” left refuses to debate Owens’ ​ideas and would rather attack her in a personal way instead. This method of “debating” is done to simply discredit the person in an effort to also discredit what the person says. It is not fair and quite frankly, it is also cowardly. Kwame Brown was correct to call out mainstream media types and also regular people for this type of behavior. And since he defended the often-hated Candace Owens, he will get the very same hate toward himself. This, of course, proves his point.

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  1. “Fake woke” is redundant. Woke “is” fake. It originates in lies, exists in lies, and grows via more lies. It takes fake to a whole new level.

  2. Kwame Brown brought tears to my eyes and then made me laugh. We could choose to vote in opposing candidates any day, and I could never hate on him. He’s a thinker! He’s logical! We may, or MAY NOT vote or believe differently at the end of the day, but I think I love this guy! He uses reasoning and you cannot ask for more. Thank you ABL for sharing this video, and introducing me to KB as a non- sports person.


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