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MSNBC Joe Scarborough Has On-Air Meltdown Over Arizona Audit

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC had what can only be described as an on-air meltdown over the issue of the Arizona audit. The issue of the 2020 election is still a soft spot for many, especially those on the left, although the left will point the finger in the other direction. The manner in which the election was handled in Arizona is currently going through review by the local GOP. Critics of this process say that anyone who supports this also supports the “big lie” of the Presidential election being “stolen”.

The often-controversial MSNBC host loudly exclaimed that anyone who buys into the Arizona audit essentially hates the country and that they should leave. This is an interesting statement for Scarborough to make considering he is the type of person to label that sort of rhetoric as “racist”, “xenophobic”, or some other similar term. An argument could be made that Scarborough was using the language of the right to attack the right. But the problem is that when conservatives generally say “if you don’t like it, you can leave” they are referring to people who hate America but never leave. Hating America is not the equivalent to using laws on the books to ensure a safe and secure election.

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Ironically enough, the topic is covered more by left-wing media than the right. One could assume the reason for this is that the right wants to “cover up” wrongdoings of their side. Another way to look at this is that the left wants to use the “big lie” narrative, in conjunction with the January 6th incident, as a weapon to attack the right. The latter makes sense if President Trump decides to run again in 2024. Democratic politicians on Capitol Hill work hand-in-hand with much of the mainstream media now as they did in 2020 and in 2016. So it would make sense for establishment media to squash any talk of election tampering in 2020.


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