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LA Times Says Larry Elder Is The Black Face Of White Supremacy

The LA Times published an article entitled “Larry Elder Is The Black Face Of White Supremacy. You’ve Been Warned”. The piece is attributed to a black woman named Erika Smith. More about her later. The essence of the article was to paint Elder as a black version of Donald Trump and as a racist who hates himself. Elder is also characterized as out-of-touch with black Californians. The article almost came off as parody because reading the full text essentially debunks the initial premise.

Erika Smith has an online presence and she is very vocal about her dislike for Donald Trump. One can only assume that this dislike extends to conservative Republicans in general. Her entire anti-Larry Elder centers around the fact that he is conservative. Smith says Elder has made a career on essentially being anti-black. Elder’s aversion to policies such as the minimum wage law and virus mandates is what Smith quotes to back her assertion up. Erika Smith thinks that the most well-known and popular policies for black people are the best, not what Larry Elder promotes. If that’s the case, then are black Californians suffering so much?

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California as a whole is suffering, not just the black community. Every day, people living in California flee by the jumbo-jet-load to Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, and especially Texas. Austin, Texas has essentially become a California exclave. These people are not simply leaving for the lower cost of living or for better weather. They are leaving due to the policies that make life difficult to live on a day-to-day basis. The high cost of living is just as important as the increase in crime and homelessness (rampant drug abuse). If Gavin Newsom’s policies don’t work, and every other Democrat in the state is essentially the same as him, why would any of their policies perform differently?

Erika Smith says she will vote “no” on the California recall ballot. Speaking of this ballot, here’s how it works. There are two questions one must vote on to answer. The first question is “should Gavin Newsome be recalled”? The second question is, “who should replace him”? If the majority of people vote “yes”. Since Smith will vote “no”, that means that she will vote to keep Gavin Newsom in office. Surely there are other Democratic Party candidates to vote for that go more along with her reasoning. Or maybe the purpose of the hit piece was an attempt to smear the top candidate in the recall race. Just to keep a failing man in his seat so the Democratic Party can maintain power in the state. If (keyword, IF) that’s the case, then it is shameful on Erika Smith’s part.


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