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Texas LT Governor Labeled Racist For Comments About Blacks And The Virus

Texas LT Governor Dan Patrick has been attacked with accusations of racism for pointing out an obvious fact about blacks and the virus. During a Fox News segment, Patrick defended the public health policies of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Vocal leftists point out a rise in virus cases and hospitalizations as the fault of local leadership. They also say since Republicans are in charge in Texas, they need to do more to get citizens vaccinated. Dan Patrick responded by saying if the issue is among the unvaccinated, Democrats also need to step up because black Americans are the largest unvaccinated group nationwide.

Pointing out an unfavorable statistic about a protected group is obviously a risky thing to do. But the reality is that Dan Patrick did not lie. While leftists activists, mainstream media, and politicians (all the same really) attempt to make vaccine hesitancy a political thing, reality says something different. Some statistics suggest that counties that voted more for Biden over Trump have higher vaccination rates. But those numbers do not break down the political background of everyone who is vaccinated in those counties. Furthermore, black Americans vote 90% Democrat and in nearly every state where enough data exists, they are consistently vaccinated at a lower rate than their population.

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The “racism” allegations here feel like projection. Democratic Party-controlled states like California and New York are proposing vaccine mandates as well as vaccine passports. In order to go to a restaurant, movie theater, gymnasium, etc one would need to show proof of vaccination. In a place like New York, that measure would disproportionately discriminate against black Americans who have a 25% vaccination rate in the 18-44 age group. This sounds more like racism than simply pointing that low vaccination rate out.

As the Lieutenant Governor said, getting a vaccination should be everyone’s personal choice. There should not be coercion involved with injecting anything into one’s own body. Especially not coercion from the state. Nor should there be mainstream media meddling with numbers to push fear in order to scare people into getting the shot. The information should be presented to the general public in an honest way without political spin. Because the numbers clearly show that this issue is simply not about any sort of left/right/other politics.


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  1. “In his statement on Friday, Patrick said federal and state data “clearly indicate that Black vaccination rates are significantly lower than White or Hispanic rates”. But statistics from the Texas health department did not back him up.

    Black Texans, about 12% of more than 29 million people in the state, have accounted for about 15% of total Covid-19 cases and just more than 10% of deaths.

    About 8% of the eligible population in Texas that has been vaccinated is Black, according to state data, compared with 35% of the white population. But white people make up the largest racial group in Texas at about 40%. Overall, 44% of Texans are fully vaccinated, less than the national rate of about 50%.”

  2. The Hospitalized numbers for CoV19 positive in Texas are the illegal border crossers that have tested positive included in the numbers increase or conveniently lump everyone together. What was the percentage rate of illegals that test positive 14-15%. out of since February the ones that caught or simply turned themselves in 1.2Million good thing Canadian border is closed


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