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LinkedIn Removes “How To Be Less White” Training Course

LinkedIn Learning removed a course by Robin DiAngelo presented by Coca-Cola that featured a lesson on “how to be less white”. The story initially broke when a whistleblower from within Coca-Cola released screenshots of the lesson from the “Better Together” global training program. One of the screenshots showed several different ways that a person can be less white, including becoming less defensive and more humble. The screenshots originally shared by Karlyn Borysenko went viral, as did reaction videos to the screenshots, which put both Coca-Cola and LinkedIn in an awkward predicament.

Robin DiAngelo is a well-known peddler of Critical Race Theory. DiAngelo has a wildly successful book called “White Fragility” which dives deep into the aforementioned subject matter. While Critical Race Theory, or CRT for short, is often disguised as a necessary thing to further inclusion and diversity, all that it winds up doing is attacking white people while painting all minorities as helpless victims. Conservative voices online and off have been ringing the alarm about CRT for years now. Even some liberal voices have chimed in on occasion to speak about how damaging that line of thinking is, especially when forced upon the workplace.

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Hundreds (if not, thousands) of small and large companies across the United States implement some form of CRT. There is a circuit of speakers who go from workplace to workplace to satisfy “diversity” efforts on paper, but all they wind up doing, in reality, is aid in introducing hostility and confusion into a work environment that probably never had any problems before. And of course, loads of money is spent on critical race theory. If corporate financial support of Black Lives Matter is counted as a form of CRT, then the dollar amount given to CRT is easily in the tens of billions of US dollars.

Employees from LinkedIn are reportedly happy about the removal of Robin DiAngelo’s work from their platform. Some critics of the removal may consider that a form of “cancel culture” but that is probably not appropriate. Attacking someone because of their own political beliefs should be out of bounds. Especially in the work place. Everyone should have the freedom to think and feel however they desire in America. However, forcing political and social views on employees as an employer should also be out of bounds.


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