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Major League Baseball EMBRACES Black Lives Matter!

Major League Baseball’s official Twitter account posted a video of San Fransisco Giants players kneeling during the National Anthem. Predictably, the video received instant backlash in the form of responses to the video. Whoever runs the MLB Twitter account responded with a defense of not only anthem kneeling as a form of “peaceful protest” but they also tweeted the hashtag form of “Black Lives Matter” and defended that.

Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw released a statement in defense of Black Lives Matter, which was also posted on MLB’s official Twitter account. By the looks of it, Major League Baseball are pushing all of their social justice chips to the center of the table in an attempt to brand themselves as “woke” allies of the movement.

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Making Sense of the Senseless

The million-dollar question here is … why would MLB vehemently support BLM? The majority of baseball fans are adult men over the age of 40 who may or may not watch the game with their young sons. They are generally conservative and not into BLM or any other overtly-leftist political movement. The average BLM supporter and/or “protester” probably doesn’t know home plate from a license plate.

It’s possible that Major League Baseball wants to shield themselves away from allegations of racism. Truth or fiction in an allegation is irrelevant in the era of social justice awareness. A simple allegation could cost an organization billions of dollars. So the BLM apologetics on MLB’s Twitter page could simply be a financial move. If not then what they’re doing makes no sense. The majority of MLB’s fanbase is not served by supporting BLM.

Politics Has Forced Its Way Into Sports

All major sports have acquiesced to the Black Lives Matter narrative over the past few weeks. The NFL has been going down the tubes for a long time now ever since Colin Kaepernick began the whole kneeling phenomenon to protest the National Anthem. And of course other NFL guys copied him when it first started and are doing it more now because of the George Floyd Fiasco.

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The NBA (National Basketball Association) has a rule on the books that actually prevents kneeling due to their own Kaepernick-style drama that happened way back in the 1990s with Chris Jackson a.k.a. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. But the NBA is bowing to BLM by allowing guys to have messages of “social justice” on the back of their jerseys instead of their name. “I can’t breathe” and “ally” are examples of league-sanctioned social justice messages.

Major League Baseball hadn’t done much in the way of bowing to the mob known as BLM, but here we are. All major sports will lose money due to the virus preventing fans from attending games and from truncated seasons. Abiding by the bidding of Black Lives Matter and other social justice initiatives may be the final nail in their coffin. Fans will stop watching by choice and stop going by force. And just like the old saying goes… “out of sight, out of mind.”

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

People will gravitate towards other activities and other sports. As of July 2020, UFC and Boxing have not bent the knee to Black Lives Matter. They will most certainly gain in popularity while every other sport fades away, possibly forever. If any of the aforementioned sports do return, they will never be the same.

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