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Radical Prosecutor Brings St. Louis Couple Up On FELONY Charges!

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have officially been brought up on felony charges for the incident involving guns and Black Lives Matter “protesters” that happened outside of their St. Louis, Missouri home. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner is responsible for the charges. In a statement, Gardner said that the brandishing of firearms on peaceful protesters is intolerable. Kimberly Gardner is notorious for making politically-motivated decisions when it relates to prosecution.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Although the couple has been charged with at least one felony for brandishing a firearm at the “peaceful protesters,” Gardner recommends a “diversion program.” The program would have them admit guilt and get convicted of a crime, but not face any jail or prison time. To charge people with felonies then not seek jail time seems like a waste of time. At least, that’s the way it appears on the surface. But the larger picture here is to drive home a political narrative and to embarrass the couple.

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If the McCloskeys are convicted of brandishing a firearm at “peaceful protesters,” even if they don’t do any actual time behind bars, then their case would set precedent and also an example to others. It would also send a message. And that message is: “don’t threaten Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis.” That is a politically-driven message and not one that is in any way based on law.

Call For Backup

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt moved to dismiss the case on the same day that it was filed. Schmitt’s reasoning behind the move is quite simple. Castle Doctrine. The law in Missouri is crystal clear. If a person is on or in their private property, they have a right to defend themselves against threatening people. And 300-500 so-called “peaceful protesters” that were not peaceful and actually quite threatening most certainly qualifies as a “threat” that should be defended against.

The Governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, pledged to pardon the couple if they were convicted. He did not specify if there are any caveats to his pardon. But he should pardon the couple even if they get convicted with no jail or prison time. Because that record will stay with them as sort of a scarlet letter. A criminal conviction could also interfere with the McCloskey’s profession as attorneys.

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Good News But It Could Become Bad

The case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey should alarm all Americans. If they are convicted, then what rights do any of us have? This is a clear-cut case of castle doctrine and lawful guns from law-abiding citizens. A scenario like this could happen to any American if the wrong person is in office and has the ability to retaliate against political opponents. The good news is that the higher-ups in the state, and in the country, are against this. But what if they weren’t?


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