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Major League Soccer Teams BOOED For Kneeling During Anthem

Two Major League Soccer teams were booed for kneeling during the National Anthem in their first game back after the virus interruption. SC Nashville and FC Dallas played this game in Frisco, Texas in front of a reduced and socially-distanced crowd of about 3,000 people. Reports state that some of the fans in attendance threw items onto the field during the anthem kneeling.

Players on the sideline sported “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts before appearing on the field to engage in the anthem protest. This has become a common thread among all major sports in the United States including the NBA, MLB, and now MLS. The NHL appeared to resist at first but then even they infused Black Lives Matter imagery into their opening ceremony. Racial pandering in sports has almost turned BLM into an unofficial, non-paying sponsor of every single major sports team.

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The Triggering

FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon expressed displeasure with fan reaction to the soccer teams’ kneeling demonstration during his post-game interview. Cannon labeled the actions of the fans as “disgusting” while expressing disbelief at fans for not understanding what guys on the field were kneeling for. Reggie Cannon also revealed that the Nashville and Dallas soccer clubs asked that the National Anthem not be played at all because of what’s currently happening in the country. Cannon is presumably speaking about all of the Black Lives Matter riots.


Regular people across the United States, and the world for that matter, are fed up with Black Lives Matter and anyone who is sympathetic to their “cause” which has been proven to be nothing other than destruction. Major sports association all over the United States continue to bend the proverbial knee for Black Lives Matter in spite of the aforementioned fact. Judging by the reaction from live-in-person soccer fans, the decisions of these organization to align themselves with BLM and other subversive groups will not become popular anytime soon.


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