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BLM Chicago Equates Looting With Reparations!

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizer in Chicago named Ariel Atkins said that looting is fine because it’s the equivalent to reparations. She also said that large businesses have insurance so they’ll get everything back that was stolen. Her comments come on the heels of over 200 stores on the “Magnificent Mile” in Downtown Chicago reporting damage from looting. Most of the damage happened in one night and it wasn’t the first time that looting happened recently in the same area.


Black Lives Matter Organizer Equates Looting In Chicago With ‘Reparations’ | The Daily Caller

Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago Looting | NBC Chicago – YouTube

Black Lives Matter on Chicago Looting: Black Lives ‘More Important Than Downtown Corporations’ – NBC Chicago

Looters, vandals sweep through Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago Looting Monday – NBC Chicago

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  1. As a BLACK AMERICAN police officer I’m sick and tired of this nonsense reperations give me a break, destroying businesses, sorry behinds. To that heffer caller herself representing didn’t look like she needed money for food, your hair gave it away sister. We’re going backwards what’s next divy up the US by race/sexual orientation/religious beliefs or the latest trending catch phrase BIPOC

  2. This Liberal arts Lesbian couldn’t give two craps about real black men. No one is reporting the actual LGBT agenda that BLM has and all that money is going to causes that the vast majority of the actual people who are actually living in a heavily policed area would despise. These girls are spoiled rich liberals who wouldn’t dream of actually hanging around with any low income black men.

  3. This bitch needs to be arrested for inciting a riot. I am SO tired of the misrepresentation by the media of what the BLM org. is about. I agree with what Andy Zep stated before me. Thanx ABL, Derrick & The Officer Tatum for your great discussions & information.

  4. She and her followers have got to just be ignorant to American individuality . Most of us already don’t see a black person as black anymore . I mean color isn’t a criteria , just an acknowledgement of a description. Like if I walked up to you in a yellow dress . However she/they are causing a side effect that is hurting .
    You are actually restoring that effect . Hope a whole lot of people see you !!! Thank YOU for going through these 2 cents worth so much Anthony !!!


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