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CNN Admits The Story About Trump’s 7-Hour Phone Log Gap Is A Hoax

CNN has admitted that the initial story about seven hours missing from Donald Trump’s White House phone log on January 6th was inaccurate. In other terms, the story was a hoax. Watergate reporter Bob Woodward and his colleague Robert Costa initially broke the story. It is no coincidence that Woodward broke the story. The gap in phone log records was immediately compared to the Watergate 18 minute gap in phone records. Mainstream media took that little piece of information and ran with it. “Verified” Twitter users, including mainstream media, instantly lambasted Trump and the White House for apparently trying to hide something during the “coup attempt” at the Capitol on January 6th. The reality of the situation is something completely different than the media’s attempted narrative.

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CNN Admits Trump Phone Call ‘Gap’ of Missing 7 Hours on Jan. 6 Was A Hoax

Official review of Trump phone logs from January 6 finds record is complete | CNN Politics

White House records turned over to House show 7-hour gap in Trump phone log on Jan. 6 – CBS News

Jan. 6 panel missing roughly 8 hours of Trump’s phone calls – Los Angeles Times

White House phone records are COMPLETE, with gap ‘explained by Trump having staff place calls’  | Daily Mail Online

Trump White House phone records show 7-hour gap on Jan. 6 : NPR

Who Cares About Trump’s Phone Logs? He Made A Hole-In-One! – YouTube

Report: Trump phone records show 7-hour gap on Jan. 6 – YouTube

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