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Media Coverage Of The Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings Is Slanted

A 21-year-old white male named Robert Long killed eight people in and around Atlanta area Asian massage parlors. Mainstream media and political opportunists have jumped on this case to spin a narrative that fits an ulterior motive. Since there has been a rash of reported anti-Asian hate crimes over the past few months, this case is now being spun as the face of it. Congresswoman Cori Bush has already labeled the heinous attacks as an example of white supremacy that must be toppled. However, the suspect in custody has already given a reason for his reprehensible acts that do not align with the narrative of “racism”.

Police say that the suspect in custody for three massage parlor shootings that resulted in eight deaths admitted to having a “sex addiction” and he shot the parlors to eliminate temptation. Massage parlors often get busted for illicit sexual activity. Asian massage parlors specifically have a reputation for this, whether that be justified or not. And the women who work these “seedy” types of massage parlors are often victims of human trafficking. The shooter was allegedly a frequent visitor to all three businesses in question… so his explanation may not be too outlandish, although not necessarily proven yet.

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Six Asian women were shot and killed, but so were a white man and a white woman. An Hispanic man was shot but did not die when he came out of his store next door to one of the massage parlors. The narrative being spun by the media is that the shooter is a white supremacist and maybe even the face of anti-Asian racism. How can this be so when the true motive of the shootings has not yet been investigated? Left-wing politicians and mainstream media often work hand-in-hand to amplify certain stories as they silence others. This case is no different.

It’s safe to say that if the shooter and victims in the Atlanta Asian massage parlor tragedy were black then most Americans would not know much about it. Why? Because there is no narrative to spin. No political victory to win. Nobody wins when they vilify black people or even white liberals. Only white people that somewhat look like they could be conservative, even if they don’t vote and are completely apolitical with an entirely different motive than what most people would assume.

There have been several mass shootings since Biden took office including two in Indianapolis. A 17-year-old killed six people mostly in his own family, including an unborn baby, due to a simple argument over house rules he had with his father. A 25-year-old father killed the mother of his child and three other people over a dispute about income tax and stimulus money. 15 people were shot and two died at a Chicago house party.

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What do all of the aforementioned cases have in common? Black shooting victims and black shooter suspects. No narrative about violence against people of color or hate crimes can be spun when the perpetrators of said crimes are also “people of color”. The media and their liberal political counterparts have become an embarrassment. The constant gaslighting of people and misrepresenting of facts will only end up making the general public much less safe. Movements like “defund the police” and “Black Lives Matter” have the complete opposite effect of what those who desire these things think. Or maybe they don’t.


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