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Bashful Biden wont go to the Southern Border?

It’s bad enough that the Biden Administration wont call the situation at the Southern Border what it is. During a daily hearing Press Secretary Jen Psaki played the semantics game after a reporter grilled her for not calling it like we Americans see it — a crisis. And nevermind the kids getting upgraded from cages to shipping containers. Now President Joe Biden doesn’t even want to go and see what FEMA was called out for.

Currently more than 100k migrants were encountered at the border which many of us understand this to pose a major trafficking risk in addition to a health emergency (as we’re in a pandemic, remember?) Yet still, 46 is sticking his head in the sand.

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But somehow this crisis — yes, we said it — is President Donald Trump’s fault. But if Democrats actually saw this to be one of Trump’s presidential flaws, why is any of this a surprise to them today? Why the two month delay in sending FEMA south? A claim like Psaki’s would make you think that the Biden Administration saw this situation coming. Did Biden even campaign on how he’d address a surge in illegal immigration? Oh wait, 46 actually halted construction of Trump’s border wall. (Because that’ll SURELY fix things.)

Adding to the arrogance, Psaki stated that they don’t take advice from the previous administration. Excuse us, but your own Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the nation hasn’t seen these kinds of numbers in decades.

Despite migrant children exceeding their stays in facilities and the south Texas migrant complex being seven times over legal capacity, the silence from the mainstream media is deafening compared to the outrage Trump experienced while handling the migrant holding cages built during the Obama administration.

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It’s clear that the Biden administration doesn’t have a handle on the Southern Border and Joe’s reluctance to witness it with his own two eyes is everything Americans need to know about how much he cares to deal with it.


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